2 year Anniversary 2nd Floor ‘Block Party’

Just a few short years ago, downtown Eugene was a very different place. Characterized best by open pits, empty lots, and vacant buildings, downtown was far from inviting. Since 2012, local leaders, community members, business folks and have come together to make a significant change and concerted effort to promote economic development downtown. From our lovely view on the 2nd floor of the Broadway Commerce Center (BCC) overlooking Ken Kesey Square, the members of CodeChops have thoroughly enjoyed watching downtown blossom.

The BCC is more than just another professional and office building; it is an essential part of Eugene’s revitalization effort.  Beam Properties close collaboration with the City of Eugene and local businesses to design an attractive, functional space to promote business downtown. CodeChops is proud to be one of the first in the door and to have a close working relationship with our friends and neighbors in the BCC.

CodeChops currently houses 6 full time companies and provides space to nearly a dozen others on a part-time basis.  Amy McCann is the CEO of Local Food Marketplace, a local food market hosted online as an avenue for connecting farmers and consumers. Amy and her business partner, Doug Frazier, have operated out of CodeChops as full-time members for the past 18 months.  

“The space has an easy-going vibe. It’s flexible, democratic, and inviting; there’s a lot of effort to make sure members’ needs are met and feedback is incorporated into the space,” said McCann. “It’s a great place to work, and Local Food Marketplace has really benefitted from sharing space with other folks working in technology.”

McCann’s sentiments are echoed by many, including some companies that grew to the point of needing additional space and room. Companies like InSilico, worked in CodeChops until moving down the hall for additional space.

CodeChops is not just about sharing office space, it also aims to foster a community of creative types, freelancers and independent contractors to share ideas, skills, and collaborate on projects. The spirit of collaboration is a central theme of the downtown revitalization.

Come on by Thursday, May 22 for cocktails, live music, and an all around good time.
Come on by Thursday, May 22 for cocktails, live music, and an all around good time.

To celebrate two wonderful years, CodeChops invites you to come by 44 West Broadway, to check out the view through the amazing arched windows overlooking Kesey Square and have a beer to celebrate. The space will be open at 5:30pm to the public for the anniversary celebration Thursday, May 22. Our friends bell+funk, InSilico, Genius Media Solutions, and Presidio will also have their doors open to celebrate.  Consider it one Block Party you don’t want to miss.