A few weeks ago we approached the SwitchBoardHQ folks in Portland about setting up a switchboard for Eugene. Switchboard is used by the PDX Startup community and Built Oregon. It works on a simple metaphor of Asks and Offers. CodeChops fields questions on a daily basis from other co-working spaces, local businesses and individuals looking for tech talent. Obviously a self-serve resource for matching need to talent (or Asks to Offers) could work here. After some internal deliberation about whether Eugene could gain the critical mass of users and seeking the advise of about a dozen tech leaders around town we decided to “go for it” and started a soft launch of the Eugene Tech Switchboard at the “Developer Spring Planning” event.  A week later we had more then enough users registered for a public launch and had built a small but impressive team of moderators.  Word was getting out and when approached by the Register Guard for a writeup we said sure.  We are currently ahead of the expected adoption rate for new Switchboards and are optimistic that it will be a great resources for matching local talent to need. You can visit the Switchboard on the web, like it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.