We get questions.  Here are some real questions and the real answers we’ve provided.

Q: Do you have a daily rate?
A: No.  We like to know who’s in the space.  It’s more of a long term membership and relationship building.  There are other co-working places in town like Mindworks that offer a daily rate.  I’d suggest a coffee shop like The Barn Light if you can’t make a commitment or maybe the Library.

Q:  Do you have conference rooms? How many? What’s the process to reserve them? Is it included in the membership?
A: We have a single conference room and it can be reserved on the conference room page where there is more information and a reservation form.  Conference room access is included in all membership.

Q: Do you have any Skype rooms (single occupancy “conference” rooms)? How many? What’s the process to reserve them? Is it included in the daily rate or an additional fee?
A: No.  We are one big open space and one conference room.

Q: How fast is the internet in the office?
A: Fastest in town.  We have 1 Gigabit symmetric Fiber.  It’s really nice.  Can’t believe we ever lived without it.

Q: Do you have WiFi? If so, what’s the quality? Do you get complaints of disconnects (over VPN)?
A: We have enterprise grade network infrastructure including WiFi.  Many members are VPN’d all day long and complaints are extremely rare.

Q: Do you have an Ethernet port I can plug into at the desk spaces?
A: There are lots of ports in the main space.  About 4 every 8 ft. The conference room has one hot port.

Q: I see you offer week rates.
A: Don’t get excited. The weekly rate is only for travelers. If you are visiting Eugene but live elsewhere you can use the weekly traveler option. If you live in the Eugene greater area then a membership is required. The weekly rate is intended to welcome folks to downtown who are traveling, let them get to know the local shops, etc.  More of a community service then a product really.

Q: I hear you have fiber and would like to upload some really large file a few times a month but don’t need/want a membership.
A: We are a membership based coworking space and not an internet cafe.

Q: I hear you have fiber and I want to remote-control a PC in your space from my house.
A: If you want to keep something in the space, you’ll need a desk level membership. We do have VPN so you could securely remote control at PC on your desk from anywhere on the internet.

Q: I hear you have fiber and I’d like to host a server.
A: We are not an ISP

Q: Can I park my bitcoin mining rig at your space bro?
A: long stare, slow head shake.