Check out this post over at the freelancers union about staying busy as an independent.  We see this in the space all the time.  Folks are constantly making ad-hoc working relationships and splitting tasks on projects.

But if you really want to learn from freelancers, you also have to look at how freelancers sustain their autonomy. How do you get so much done and wear a thousand hats and take on a lot of responsibility without going crazy?

Freelancers create teams.

You can give an employee the power to make their own decisions, but are you giving them the power to form their own teams?

Freelancers wouldn’t call them “teams”. (In fact, they’d probably shudder at the term.) But they form core networks that sustain their business, and then draw on those networks when they have projects they can’t handle. 81% of freelancers refer work to other freelancers, and 54% team up with other freelancers or subcontract work.