What Happened!?

To our site? Right... Well, in a word, Mark Davis happened to our site. It's a longer story about Civic Infrastructure, creating things for the Public Good, COVID, and the eventual fading of Great Ideas into Zombie Projects and the eventual death of said projects to the cosmic forces of Entropy.

Back in the day (2017?), Mark thought it would be good to have civic projects hosted on civic infrastructure and created MVP Studio thru a collaboration with US Ignite and Continu. MVP created a K8s cluster and hosted apps and data for WhiteBird, Bring, and some other Hack-For-A-Cause teams. Many civic orgs use WordPress so MVP started hosting WP on K8s as part of that fun using CodeChops.com as the example. Happy days. Time passed. In Jan 2023 the MVP cluster went down after a few years of being mostly ignored by everyone involved and took the few remaining sites down with it. Codechops.com was one of those.

While we are in the process of getting our once glorious marketing site back up and running, we built this as a placeholder.