In the heart of downtown... In the heart of the Nexus.

CodeChops was the OG coworking space in Eugene.  We were the first space in town circa 2011 and the first to provide affordable gig fiber a few years later.  Launched with the downtown revitalization efforts we  boosted the downtown tech scene pre-COVID.  Originally occupying a space directly above The Barn Light we launched a number of interesting efforts.  Tech Tuesday is still the first, best stop for new tech folks to meet friendly folks in the community.  The EugeneTech Slack is a great place to make connections as well as the Open Eugene Switchboard if you are looking for, or offering help/work.

In 2023 we helped launch Nexus as a founding member, and moved across Kesey Square to our new home.  If you want to work in the CodeChops space, then you will become an Nexus member.  

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